My Style Inspiration

It all began with my mother. She was a beautiful woman and had a way of being able to take the most inexpensive item and make it look like a million bucks whether it was fashion or home decor. We used to watch old movies together, mostly from the 1950’s, and I was absolutely enamored with old Hollywood fashion and glam. We lived in a small town with very few stores to choose from and at that time there was no such thing as online shopping but my mother taught me how to make the best of whatever your options were and that store names or labels didn’t matter.  

She passed her love for décor, styling clothes and accessories on to me in such a fun and engaging way-by making it a game. We would go shopping with a set amount of money and once we were in the store she would say “Ok, let’s meet back here in 30 minutes and see who can find the best deals”. It was so much fun to review our deals together and discuss the different ways each of the items could be worn or repurposed and we would only purchase the most versatile items. Over time we began shopping together as our deals almost always ended up being the same things.

Those styling and shopping lessons were invaluable to me and I have pretty much shopped that way my entire life. I have always somewhat worshipped fashion magazines and for years I would tear out pages with looks that I loved then challenge myself to go out and find the most affordable versions of the particular style or look. I still have subscriptions to just about every fashion magazine out there and thanks to Pinterest I no longer have to tear out the pages- I just pin them to the corresponding Style board.

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